HyperKey® partnerships provide two key benefits:

1) enhanced user engagement, and

2) access to a large number of potential users.

Millions more users:

HyperKey® provides a network effect in which partners benefit from each other and each gains access to millions of potential users. For example, a ride sharing company can create a network effect with an e-coupon company. Partners can, of course, control which partners they share users with. Hyperkey® can literally put your application in front of millions of new users. We are currently accepting memberships in a 1-5 million user tranche and 5-15 million user tranche. We have interest in companies representing several hundred million users in total. Larger tranches will be formed based on demand.

Enhanced User Engagement:

HyperKey® provides substantial increases in user engagement by including a shortcut key to your app on the mobile device keyboard. This puts your application in front of your users for almost an hour per day. The useful functionality of the HyperKey Keyboard results in engagement times that are twice that of Twitter and 1.5x that of Facebook’s mobile app. This engagement is leveraged for the benefit of YOUR application. You have complete control of how and where your shortcut key appears on the keyboard. This engagement, and other popular features, make HyperKey a success where microapps have failed. HyperKey® can optionally display content from your application to a user when the user performs a search, even if that search is not specifically directed at your application.

How HyperKey® works:

HyperKey® provides a keyboard including shortcut keys to partners’ applications. Partners can include these keyboards in their application via a lightweight SDK. Each partner chooses which keys are included on their version of the keyboard. In addition to partners’ apps, each custom keyboard includes popular functions such as search, stickers and gifs. The keyboard can be used anywhere the iOS keyboard is used.

Your App Shortcut

A shortcut key at a prime position on the keyboard encourages users to use your application while engaged in conversations with your friends. With HyperKey, your application can be executed directly from the keyboard with a single click. Optionally, your interface even appears within the keyboard space. Content from your application is seamlessly copied to text messages or e-mails. E-commerce and other content is shared by users at the most opportune time – as they are engaging with their friends.

Global Search

HyperKey allows users to search for stickers, gifs, other content and your app contents all at once.

Content Sharing

HyperKey allows users to share your app’s content with their friends.


Popular features such as GIFs and Stickers drive users to the HyperKey keyboard. This attractive content is leveraged to increase use of your application.


Real-time translation powered by Google Translate. Text in English, send in French.

Power Content

HyperKey allows your users to share their current location, Access Yelp, Youtube and other useful services.

And Finally: The “More” – Super Viral Distribution

HyperKey lets users share your app with their friends using a one-click button that pastes a link to your download page directly into a conversation. iOS download links may also be communicated with app generated content.