HyperKey® for Investors

Portfolio Amplification

Imagine if you could leverage your investments to benefit each other, lift your entire portfolio together. With the HyperKey® network effect you can do just that. HyperKey® can create a network effect in which users of one mobile application drive growth of other mobile applications. Your investment A is leveraged to benefit your investment B and vice versa.

Using HyperKey® Partnerships , a social networking application increases its own user engagement while also providing its users access to a food delivery application and a shopping application. The food delivery and shipping applications, in turn, provide user access to each other and the social networking application. Across a portfolio of applications this approach can dramatically expand each application’s user base, by literally millions of users, and greatly increase the value of the portfolio.

The HyperKey® network effect is just one benefit of HyperKey®. We can also significantly increase user engagement by putting an application icon in front of users for almost an hour a day. See HyperKey® Partnerships

Let’s make 2020 a record year for your portfolio growth.