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How do I set up Hyperkey?

To activate Hyperkey on your iOS device go to: Settings>General>Keyboard>Keyboards>Hyperkey. And give the Hyperkey keyboard “access.” Once access is provided, you can select the Hyperkey keyboard any time a keyboard is active on your device. To select between keyboards, use the “globe” button on your keyboard. This button will let you cycle between keyboards or, if held down, will present a list of available keyboards. Note that all third-party keyboards require “full access” to operate on your device. See our privacy statement below.


All keyboards require full access to what you type. So, in order to protect your privacy, we NEVER send keystrokes you type from your device, unless you enter text in a search field to be sent to a third party, e.g., doing a Yelp search. In fact, we currently don’t even analyze your keystrokes on your device, other than for autocorrect. Hyperkey does not receive any individual identifying information from your device. When you use Hyperkey to access a third-party account, such as Instagram or Dropbox, all communications are passed directly between your device and the third party. Hyperkey does not monitor or otherwise access such communications. We do use analytics which tell us which shortcut keys are pressed and these events, aggregated across all users, are reported to us with limited demographics. We use this information to improve the Hyperkey application and develop new users. We reserve the right to log which product items are shared, without ANY identifying information.


HyperKey partners receive benefits including greater use of their application on mobile devices and access to more users. Please contact us for more information on partnership opportunities.

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